Painted Things


Here below are samples of my painted works, primarily furniture and boxes. Much like in my poetry and fiction, I lean toward the fanciful and macabre, with a dash of classic mythology. My literary-themed boxes are sold in a local bookstore, while my dead-musician themed boxes are sold in a local music store. Also, I have done (and will do) boxes and furniture on commission. All done under my nom de pinceau, Poco Rococo Creations (yeah, I know it’s a mish-mash of Spanish and French. I’m an American artist, I do what I want.)


Hand-Painted Furniture

Blue Dia de los Muertos small table.JPG

Blue dia de los Muetos Table (small)



Dia de los Muertos Dogs Chair.JPG

The Good Dogs Chair

Dia de los Muertos Mirros.jpg

Dia de los Muertos Mirrors

Octopus Stool Fringed.JPG

The Octopus Fringed Stool

Jester's Seat.JPG

The Jester’s Seat

Moon Chair with Star.JPG

The Moon Chair

Pan's Leafy Chair.JPG

Pan’s Leafy Chair

Flower Table small.JPG

Flower Table (small)

Kid's Lady Bug Chair Pastels.JPG

Kid’s Lady Bug Chair


Hand-Painted Boxes


From the Dead Rock Star Series:

Marley Lennon Cobain.JPG

morrison vicious winehouse.jpg

Comic Book Exclamations Series.JPG

Arizona Series 3.JPG

Alice in Wonderland & Looking Glass series.JPG





This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Hillary Lyon 2018