The Bookstore

Anthologies: Short Story Collections

Night in New Orleans: Bizarre Beats from the Big Easy, FunDead Publications, 2017 ($14.99, Amazon)

Dread State Anthology, Thunder Dome Press, 2017 ($15.99, Amazon)

The Deep Web / The Cards Foretell, 13 O’Clock Press, 2017 ($12.04, Amazon)

 In a Flash Sinister Saints Press, 2016 ($12.54, Amazon)

Ugly Babies 3, James Ward Kirk Press, 2016 ($11.10, Amazon)

Troll, 13 O’Clock Press, 2016 ($13.27, Amazon)

More Tales from the Blue Gonk Cafe, 13 O’Clock Press, 2016 ($13.20, Amazon)

Tales from the Graveyard, Thirteen O’Clock Press, 2016 ($13.04, Amazon)

Hidden in Plain Sight,  James Ward Kirk Publishing, 2015 ($9.99, Amazon)

Fright Mare , DM Publishing, 2015 ($12.99, Amazon)

Mass Dissidence: Anthology of Dystopia, Static Movement Press, 2012 ($15.18, Amazon)

Obsession, Static Movement Press, 2011 ($15.99, Amazon)



Anthologies: Poetry Collections

With Lyre and Bow: A Devotional in Honor of Apollo
Bibliotheca Alexandrina anthology, 2016 ($12.99, Amazon)

Element(ary) . . . My Dear Anthology
Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015 ($9.00, Amazon)

Four Seasons Anthology
Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015 ($11.00, Amazon)

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Publishing, 2014 ($15.00, Amazon)

Make a Wish
Static Movement, 2013 ($15.99, Amazon)

Bearing Witness: Poetry by Teachers About Teaching
Zephyr Press, 2001 ($4.74 used, $18.95 new, Amazon)

Poems from the Dark Side
Static Movement, 2011 ($15.99, Amazon)

Poetry @ the River Annual Review: Volume I
Subsynchronous Press (2008)
Out of Print

Poetry from the River: An Anthology
Published by River Poets in Cooperation with
Tucson-Pima Public Library (2004)
Out of Print

The Markham Group of Poets: A Collection
Published by the Markham Society of Poets
Alfsen House Books (Markham, Ontario. March 1994)
Out of Print


Magazines/Ezines: Poetry

Scifaikuest, February 2017, #55 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Illumen, Spring 2016, No.24 ($8.00, Alban Lake Store

Disturbed Digest, December 2015, Issue 11 ($9.00, Alban Lake Store)

Bloodbond, Winter 2015 ($9.95, Alban Lake Store)

Scifaikuest, November 2013, #42 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Scifaikuest, February 2012, #35 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Scifaikuest, November 2011 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Scifaikuest, August 2011, #33 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Scifaikuest, May 2011, #32 ($6.00, Alban Lake Store)

Illumen, April 2011, No. 14 ($8.00, Alban Lake Store)

Dreams & Nightmares, February 2011, No.88 ($4.00)

Dreams & Nightmares, May 2009, No.82 ($4.00)

Illumen, Autumn 2009

Scifaikuest, February 2009

Scifaikuest, June 2009



All chapbooks available for purchase, unless otherwise noted. To order, contact me at Please include the word “chapbook” in the subject line.

13 Poems for Imaginary Woodcuts
A collection of short poems dedicated to the modern day danse macabre, with accompanying illustrations. Published in conjunction with Poetry Super Highway, 2014. Only available as an ebook.

An Amateur’s Field-Guide to the Lesser Hellmouths of Arizona
A pictorial/poetic guide to the region’s most notable points of egress. 2007. $5.00 Currently available for online viewing at ReAnimated Girlfriend.

A Butterfly Mechanical: 12 SciFi Haikus
rumination of sparks / between mind and machine / the future is now
Published in conjunction with Poetry Super Highway, 2015. Only available as an ebook.

Conference Notes
A surreal, outsider look at group-think gatherings. 2007. (Sold Out)

The Drive-In on the Edge of Our Citified Minds
Collection of surreal poems in a modern world setting. 2003. $5.00

Female Mischief
Poems to amuse the feminine (and feminist)  imps within us. 2003. $5.00

Graphic Olio
Words plus images equal a visual-poetry-melange. 2007. (Sold Out)

In the Devil’s Workshop
Poems for this modern life. 2004. $5.00

In the Sima de los Huesos Hotel
The (after-)life and times of a gunslinging vampire. 2004. $5.00

Khora Mahtah (The Book of the Dreadful Head)
A young do-gooder, an irresistible malignant force, a fall from grace. With accompanying images. 2007. $5.00 Currently available for online viewing at ReAnimated Girlfriend.

Lines for My Son
Poems concerning a beloved son, and being his mother. 2004. (NFS)

The Nude and The Abstract Head
A romantic dialogue between two archetypal, dysfunctional characters. 2005. $5.00

Of Course There is No Antidote, and If There Was, You Wouldn’t Take It
Poems of love and obsession. Available as a Kindle ebook. $1.99

The Official Handbook for the Creation and Care of Clean-Eyed Machines
Sci-fi, blank verse, and altered images. Who could ask for anything more? 2003. $5.00

Poems for Flesh
Poems about the beautiful male. 2006. (Sold Out)

Private Gothic
A collection of colorful dramatic monologues. 2002. $5.00

Ready to Go
Impending divorce or alien abduction? You decide. (A pocket collection, 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″) 2003. $3.00

Under Ideal Conditions
A collection of surreal and language poems. 2007. $5.00 (Sold Out)

Poems of grief and recovery. 2003. $5.00

With Shambling Footsteps: 18 Zombiekus
Zombie Apocalypse told through a series of linked haiku. Fun for all! Published in 2013 in conjunction with Poetry Super Highway. Only available as an ebook.

You Just Can’t Negotiate with the Living Dead
Thoughts on a post-zombie apocalypse. With color prints. 2007. (Sold Out)

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