A Smattering of Poetry


android farmer seeds
[Scifaikuest Nov 2019 – Online]

silver needle spacecraft slides
[Scifaikuest Nov 2019 – Print]

The Slow Dance, Unchaperoned
Between Us
[Jeté Away, dance-themed anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press]

Currently Online:

Clouds So Low
The Pigeon on the Sidewalk
[Jellyfish Whispers, March 2018]

Adventure Tourism
[Farther Stars Than These]

Medusa in Her Mirror
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice Issue 2017]

The Poetic Process: Dip Your Hummingbird
[Red River Review, Issue 63, May 2017]

lunar archaeologists rejoice
[Scifaikuest, February 2017]

For Sale: Little Wonder
[Farther Stars Than These – February 9, 2017]

The Inchoate Synesthete
[Illya’s Honey – Winter 2017]

[Farther Stars Than These, January 1, 2017]

This Day You Are
[Pyrokinection, July 2016]

Girl, Melted
[Illya’s Honey, Summer 2016]

Like a Blackbird
[Illya’s Honey, Summer 2016]

Charon’s Exchange
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice Issue 2016]

cleansing ceremony smoke

So Very Fairy Tale
[Red River Review, Issue 59, May 2016]

Narcissus on His Knees
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Spring Equinox Issue 2016]

key to his heart

heavily embroidered

out of the fairy tale

Shoe Box Dropped
[Red River Review]

The Boredom of the Beautiful Hour

To Eurydice in Dallas
[Eternal Haunted Summer]

Athena’s Owl
An Elegy for Echo
[Eternal Haunted Summer]

The Inadequate Elixir
[The Vein]

Handful of Blue Sky
[Phantom Kangaroo]

[Shot Glass Journal]

[Red Fez]

In the Tomb of Diana
[Eternal Haunted Summer]

Death and the West Virginian Hillbilly
[My Favorite Bullet]

Bellerophon Upon Pegasus: Riding West
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Spring Equinox 2014]

One Year After                                 
[Red River Review 50th Anniversary Issue, February 2014]

Zeus Behooved
Orpheus in Austin
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Summer Solstice Issue, 2013]

That Word
[Shot Glass JournalIssue # 10, May 2013]

[Red Fez, Issue 56, 2013]

The Night Between You
[Red River Review, Issue 47,  May 2013]

The Heart’s Lake Fills
[From the Depths, May 6, 2013]

Trumpet Flower
[Gutter Eloquence, Issue 26, April 2013]

Weekend Getaway
[Poetry Super Highway, March 18-24, 2013]

Ex-Patriate God, Half-Wishing
[Eternal Haunted Summer, Spring Equinox Issue 2013]

I Thought I Left Big Hair
[Red River Review, Issue 45, November 2012]

Within the Shadows of Cypress Trees
[From the Depths, Fall 2012]

[Eternal Haunted Summer, Autumn Equinox issue 2012]

Death & the School Teacher
[Gutter Eloquence, Issue 23, September 2012]

Red River Review, August 2012]

[From the Depths, Spring 2012]

Word Game
[Shot Glass Journal, Issue # 6, January 2012]

[Haunted Waters Press: Featured Works From the Depths,
December 2011 ]

Equally Absurd
Cocteau’s Mirror
Red River Review, February 2012

Arizona, 1
[Red River Review, August 2011]

The Failure of Central Air Conditioning
Person as Domesticated Bird
[Shot Glass Journal, Issue # 4,  May 2011]

Molotov Cocktails
[Gutter Eloquence, Issue 15, May 2011]

Rodeo, Gutted
Three-Dimensional Thriving Greenly

[EOAGH, Issue 5, 2009]

Do You Mind
[My Favorite Bullet, Volume 9, Issue 1, July 2009]

Sex Art Love
Under Ideal Conditions
The White Moth Escapes

[EOAGH, Issue 4, 2007]


In the Land of Expired Links

This Opposite
[Shadow Train, Carriage 42, June 2014]

Lost in the Weeds
That Rarefied Ingénue
Because I Was
[Shadow Train, Carriage 40, May-June 2013]

Revolt of Swans
Sword of Cortez
Des Chemins de Fer
Cassandra in the Small
[Shadow Train, Carriage 37, November-December 2011]

[Moon Drenched Fables, June 2011]

I Will Sew a Flag
[Moon Washed Kisses, July 2011]


Lately in Print:

bouquets of gears 
[Scifaikuest, #55, Feb 2017]

Ever-Burning Lamp
We Address
[With Lyre and Bow (Bibliotheca Alexandrina anthology, 2016)]

The Butterfly in Winter
[Illumen, Spring 2016 ]

A String of Fairy Skulls
[Disturbed Digest, December 2015]

In The Woods
[Bloodbond, Winter 2015]

Aphrodite Rides the Bus
To a Drillbit, Now a Bookend
Fleurs du Feu
[Element(ary) . . . My Dear Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015]

sometimes love is copious
Magnetic Bee
[Four Seasons Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2015]

[From the Depths, “The Space Between” PDF Issue, Fall 2014]

Theseus, Considering the Ball of Thread
[Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys (Bibliotheca Alexandrina Publishing; Literata, ed., 2014)]

Tree silhouettes
[Scifaikuest, November 2013]

Fallen Star
[Make a Wish Anthology (George Wilhite, ed. Static Movement Press, 2013)]

shopgirl changes wigs
[Scifaikuest, February 2012]

Bundles of Straw
Bark of a Dog
He Does Not Care for this Movie
[Poems from the Darkside Anthology II, 2012. Pill Hill Press]

weary of probes
vial of blood
sharpened scythes clustered
[Scifaikuest, November 2011]

like a lantern held high
programmed for passion
hologram grandmother
[Scifaikuest, May 2011]

The City Lays
Grand Dame of Unsuccessful Suicides
Psychic Friends
[Poems from the Darkside Anthology, George Wilhite, ed.  Static Movement  Press, 2011]

Sheherazade: The Morning After
[Illumen, April 2011]

The Heaven of Vampires
[Dreams & Nightmares, February 2011, No.88]

Mike the Jedi
[Dreams & Nightmares, May 2009, No.82]

Fie! She Tells
In the Garden of Moonflowers
Private Gothic
[Illumen, Autumn 2009]

shambling footsteps
[Scifaikuest, February 2009]

the love letter warm
[Scifaikuest, June 2009]


Out of Print

Bundles of Straw
Bark of a Dog
He Does Not Care for this Movie
[Poems from the Darkside Anthology II, 2012. Pill Hill Press]

Rendevous with the Muse
Poem à Clef
[The Moon, Vol.12, Issue 3, March 2014]

Desert Eve
Inside Out
[The Moon, Vol. 9, Issue 11, November 2011]

Coming into Animal Awareness
[The Moon, Vol. 9, Issue 12, December 2011]

Club Crawler
[Tales of Blood and Roses, September 2011, Issue #2]

Hello, Vampire
Close, Closer
Testimony of One Dobson Mayhew, Convicted Bodysnatcher
Creak and Groan
[Worlds Within–Worlds Beyond, October 2010]

A Little Bird Told Me
Broken Things
In the Sideshow
abandoned cathedral
Grinding Gears
[Worlds Within–Worlds Beyond, June 2010]

Local Lore
Aluminum Moth
Daybreak: Metropolis
Family Snap-Shot: Releasing the Poltergeist
What Creature Bays Outside Your Door
[Worlds Within–Worlds Beyond, October 2009]

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Hillary Lyon 2018


One response to “A Smattering of Poetry

  1. Hello friend… I find that the one, for whom you wrote a lovely poem, is now expecting… I would love to find that original to send to them! So nice to connect with you again!!

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